Ary Stillman and Prismatic Vision

"You see things in terms of words.
I see them in terms of light and
shadow, and in between there is

Ary Stillman, 1891 - 1967

Ary Stillman: American Artist

Ary Stillman (1891 –1967) was a Russian American artist who, in spite of gaining recognition in his day, is missing from the annals of art history. Yet the works he produced have stood the test of time and offer contemporary audiences new perspectives on the prevailing styles and influences of the past. Following his own independent and wayward course moving from representational art to the post war, painterly style of abstract art inspired by cubism and surrealism, Stillman took cues from his surroundings — be it Paris in the ’20s, New York in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, or Mexico in the ’60s — and, while absorbing the stylistic innovations of these decades, translated them through his own particular vision to arrive ultimately at a unique, mature body of work. MORE»

Accordion 1

I Am Accordion 1

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Accordion 2
I Am Accordion 2.
Accordion 3
I Am Accordion 3.
Accordion 4
I Am Accordion 4.
Accordion 5
I Am Accordion 5.



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