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Exposition d'Ary Stillman
Galery Zak

November 7-21, 1930
Press Clippings

"The American Indian in his primitive haunts has inspired Ary Stillman in a very remarkable series of compositions which are at present on view at the Galerie Zak, under the shadow of the old church of St. Germain-des-Pres. Indians have been painted before. In fact, they were so popular with the old American illustrative artists that real painters have come to regard them with suspicion. But Stillman’s Indians are visualized and pictured in an entirely new way that seems bound to attract attention even in the blasé city of Paris and should serve to awaken America to a sense of the artistic possibilities offered by its primitive inhabitants."

Chicago Sunday Tribune (Paris Edition)
By B.J.Kospoth
Ary Stillman's American Indians
Sunday, November 9, 1930

"…Ary Stillman, American painter, has on view at the Galerie Zak a series of canvases recently painted in Santa Fe, N.M. Among them are representations of the primitive native dances, forming precious studies of the steps, grouping and figures. Other canvases show very fresh, pretty landscapes. The impression of these works is one of gentleness. The style at first seems undecided, but on looking more closely the details, planes and forms become apparent. The artist’s palette is delicate. The landscapes exhibit a great variety of green tones and very fine cloudy skies. The native dance scenes are very animated and the movements well composed. The style is quite personal and shows veritable talent. Mr. Stillman has already exhibited works on eight occasions in Paris, either at private galleries or at the salons."

The New York Herald (Paris Edition)
Art Notes
Thursday, November 20, 1930

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Danse Diabolique Ary at Gallery Zak
Exhibited Artwork Titles  
Danse dans le Pueblo Paysage du Nouveau Mexique
Dans le pays de Poco-Tiempo Une mere Indienne
Pastorale Etude
Danse de guerre A la source
Les chanteurs Indiens Composition
Danse diabolique Paysage
Danse de la moisson Artiste Indien
Paysage de Santa-Fe Group de danseurs
Paysage de Tulsa Paysage des environs de Santa-Fe
Paysage de Sioux City Paysage de l’artiste
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