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"Exhibition of Landscapes, Figures and Still Lifes"

Ainslie Galleries, Inc.

March 30 - April 12, 1929. New York

Cover of Exhibition at Ainslie Galleries Inc.

cover image "Post Office Square, Cassis"

Press Clippings

"At the Ainslie Galleries H.Ary Stillman is holding an exhibition of paintings. Mr. Stillman is one of the occasional recruits from the world of buisness to that of art. He was a jeweler in a Westren city, but gave up this occupation to study in New York and later in Europe. He has exhibited in Paris with other artists and once in a one-man show at the Galleries of Bernheim-Jeune. This young artist has a direct, sensitive quality, particularly in his landscapes.. His figure paintings are, perhaps, more technically able but les individual than these landscapes where he imparts much of the mellow flavor of Provencal towns with their weathered walls and sun-drenched streets tempered by shadows."

New York Evening Post
Saturday, April 6, 1929

"The landscapes, portraits and drawings comprising a varied exhibition by H. Ary Stillman, at the Ainslie gallery, are those of an artist yet in the process of developing a style. Stillman, who abandoned a jewelry business in Sioux City, Iowa, back in 1919, has passed the intervening ten years in painting in France and Palestine, and is having his first show in this country. The landscapes hold out special promise. From the standpoint of organization and color the one entitled "Edge of the Forest,"is particularly good. "The Bridge at Moret"is interesting in the same way and both are solidly painted. Cezanne, perhaps, has influenced him most, at least in the manner of pattern, though his color, which is blended with the palette knife, taking on at times a soft iridescent hue, is more personal with him. The chief souvenirs of the artist’s work in the Near East are portrait studies of native children in watercolor. They are cleverly executed and so are the Jerusalem watercolors, which are vividly atmospheric and pleasing in color."

Herald Tribune
News and Exhibitions of the Week in Art
Sunday, April 7, 1929

Exhibited Artwork Titles

Portrait of a Woman with Red, Outskirts of Cassis, Post Office Square (Cassis), Landscape (South of France), Still Life (Rabbit), Red House (Cassis), Landscape, Street in Moret, Still Life (Fish), Edge of the Forest, The Bridge at Moret, Band of the River Loing, Courtyard (Moret), Self Portrait, Buddha, Nude, The Port of Cassis, A group of watercolors & drawings

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